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Brodinsky "Split"

directed by Pavel Brenner



Bjork "hyperballad"

directed by Michel Gondry



Radiohead "Knives out"

directed by Michel Gondry




Tricky "Council estates"

directed by Valerie Pirson




Grizzly Bear "Mourning Sound

directed by Beatrice pegard



Cheveu featuring "Robert Mitchum est mort"

directed byOlivier Babinet+Fred Khin


Black crowes "high Head Blues"

directed by Michel Gondy


"Jeunes et illimités"

directed by Megaforce



Woodkid "Run Boy Run"

directed by Joann Lemoine




Arthur H  "New York City"

directed by Rodolphe Pauly




Stuck in the sound "Toyboy"

directed by Olivier babinet




Bjork "Human Behavior"

directed by Michel Gondry


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